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Compare data geographically

Visualize geographic data to identify clusters, patterns, and insights that would be impossible to see in a spreadsheet.

Zero in on exactly what you need

The better you target a program or initiative, the greater your success. Use geo-querying to extract specific information — like villages where fewer than 30% of households have 4 members with an average age of 35 — from your data to help you perfectly target any program.

Find geographic patterns in your data

Geographic data is impossible to understand in tables. Why not put geographic data where it belongs — on a map? Compare data across localities, districts, states, or countries to identify patterns in seconds. Layer choropleth maps, bubble maps, and marker data points on the same map.

Keep an eye on your progress

Whether you’re increasing rural employment or your brand awareness, it’s important to track progress toward your goals. Watch progress on important KPIs, find out when you hit important milestones, and catch problems before they arise, all in a single dashboard.

Find hidden trends across years of data

Analyze the interaction between multiple parameters over time — an analysis that typically takes up dozens of pages — in one simple visualization.

Exhaustive visualization options

If you can name the visualization, our platform can handle it. Visualize supports everything from basic pie, bar, and line charts to complex choropleth, funnel, and time series visualizations. Layer and combine as many charts as you like, all in one beautiful visualization.