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Intelligence Leads to Decisions,
Influence to Prediction

Our Vision

We leverage leading-edge technology and trusted content to deliver intelligence to professionals

Our Believes

We make it easier to use data for the problems that matter.

Our Company

Our company is all about diversity: south african indian, american, gabonese, malgache ....

Our Dreams

Help Billion of people get the right answers via data & geospatial intelligence.
Our Story
All begun more than 15 years ago with an strong believe that data should be the companion of any decision maker. Since then, Nachaa was founded in 2007 as a solution integrator specialized in Data warehouse, Business Intelligence & Applications in Johannesburg (South Africa) during 5 years the company focused on Telecom and Banking industries operating in West and Central Africa. The firm moved his HQ in Washington DC Area in 2012 and slowly shifted to Intelligence and Influence services and solutions helping governments, agencies and private sector to better understand and invest growing african economy

Gen. Iba Gabar Diop (Ret)

Board Advisor

Ibrahima Gabar Diop is a Senegalese general officer. Since 2003, he has been general of the division and has served as chief of staff of the President of the Republic of Senegal and Commander of the National Group of Fire Brigades. He was the first general officer in charge of implementing the Center for Strategic Orientation (COS), an Agency centralizing all the information coming from the various research and analytical services of the State and transmitting it exclusively on behalf of the President of the Republic and His Government

Cheick Modibo Diarra

Board Advisor

Dr. Cheick Modibo Diarra served as Transitional Prime Minister of Mali from April to December 2012. Prior to this, he served as Chairman of Microsoft Africa for five years. He is an aerospace engineer and has worked for Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories and NASA. In addition, he is Chairman of the Africa Legal Network and a board member of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) in Sweden.

Trevor Manual

Board Advisor

Mr Manuel has served as a minister in the South African government for the past 18 years, 13 of them as Finance Minister. His first portfolio was under President Nelson Mandela as Minister of Trade and Industry. He is currently Minister in the Presidency: National Planning Commission. Prior to serving in South Africa’s first democratic government, Mr Manuel headed the Department of Economic Planning established in 1991.

Col. Huzin Jazri (Ret)

Board Advisor

Colonel Jazri has been in the field of information security for 30 years ranging from military application and government ICT security applications covering both IP based environments and secure tactical radio communications, corporate and private sector security and privacy applications, and community projects such as privacy online, child online protections and CyberSAFE for Schools. He is the founder, CEO and first director of the CyberSecurity Malaysia until his retirement.