Real-Time Visualization and Analytics


Tap into the Internet of Things (IoT) to analyze and display real-time data from sensors, devices, and social media feeds. Understand and discover the hidden patterns and trends in your massive datasets by applying spatiotemporal analytics


Your data tells a story. Unlock the power of real-time and big data when you connect to streaming inputs and take the first step toward discovering the stories your IoT data tells. Get the situational awareness your organization deserves.

We've got the configurable inputs for any kind of data. Our solution can receive and interpret events from any data stream, including stationary sensors such as weather stations, moving assets such as vehicles, or occurring events like crime and accidents.

Streaming and real-time data often result in high volumes of collected information. Use our solution to run batch analytics on this data to see where incidents occurred, examine where patterns have emerged, and determine the route of moving assets. Beyond being complementary to your real-time feeds, Our solution can analyze your own GIS data and data from other sources like Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob.

Make decisions with data. Detect patterns and relationships in your real-time and big data to gain situational awareness, improve workflows, and boost your bottom line.

Process and filter data as it's received, including filtering for specific attributes in high-velocity and high-volume data. Determine spatial relationships of events with an established geofence such as a point, line, or polygon.

Leverage the power of distributed computing to analyze and aggregate large amounts of stored data. Solve problems more effectively by using lightning-fast analytical tools, from the simple to the complex. Detect how data has changed over time and pinpoint areas of interest. Find relationships, patterns, and anomalies easily using the out-of-the-box analytics in our solution.

Map your data to work more effectively with it. Control how your real-time, streaming data is displayed—either dynamically or historically—and view it the way you want to use it. From maps to dashboards, visualize your real-time data in context to make the right decisions.

Have streaming data? We've got the configurable inputs for any kind of data. Be it stationary sensors such as weather stations, moving assets such as vehicles, or point-in-time events like crime and accidents, our solution can receive and analyze events from that data stream.

Visualize your IoT data on a dynamic dashboard with charts, gauges, maps, and other visual elements that show the status and performance of vital assets and events in real time. 

Take action when it's needed. Don't miss out when events or patterns of interest happen. Send and receive notifications the way you want it—from emails to text messages—and make sure your stakeholders are kept up-to-date.

Control how you want to disseminate the data by configuring outputs in the format you want. Whether by email or text message, you decide how an alert is sent to stakeholders.

Store and share observations and analysis. Make the data accessible for visualization, understanding, and improved decision-making.