Crowd Monitoring


Our solution provide wider-field view and high-resolution aerial footage which help ground personnel get in-depth awareness and provides them with fine details of the situation to respond efficiently in a timely manner


Research in crowd dynamics especially in the field of minimizing the risks associated with pedestrian crowd has gathered significant interest in the past few decades. Historical trends from mass gathering events suggest that stampedes occur frequently.

Hence, it is necessary to understand crowd dynamics in real-time to minimize the risks associated with crowd management. To achieve this, a crowd monitoring system has to be developed that provides surveillance and crowd control effectively respond to any situation.

How our solution can be used?

In crowd monitoring, drones provide a wider-field view of the mass gatherings and transmit real-time data to the crowd control team. Drones can zoom in on an area of interest and in turn, provide the team with vital information about what is happening on the ground.

Such information can help ground personnel make critical decisions. In an event of an emergency, the in-depth situational awareness helps the team to respond efficiently in a timely manner. This improves the effectiveness of the teams in crowd management.

Why Us?

We have developed state-of-the-art drones for crowd monitoring with its extensive experience in providing surveillance solutions also extends to traffic management and detection of suspicious activities during mass gatherings.

Our solution transmits high-quality data in real-time to provide operators and experts with information such as the density of individuals per square meter, the direction of the movement of people and their movement patterns.