Counter Insurgency


Our solutions provide ground officials with birds-eye view of the conflict area and present them with actionable intelligence for discriminating between civilians and combatants to build tactical counter-insurgency strategy


Insurgency is a rebellion against a constituted government. It is basically a civil war between a weaker group having anti-national ideologies and the government to transfer power from the government to itself. Insurgents manipulate the general public’s ideologies & social thoughts and often instigate them into violence to disrupt anti-militancy operations.

High levels of insurgent unrest lead to mob-induced stone-pelting and at such times, the conventional methods of counter-insurgency techniques may not be able to distinguish between civilians and insurgents. Actions of security forces may be misconstrued and lead to undesirable consequences.

How our solution can be used?

Drones play an important role in counter-insurgency by gathering actionable intelligence of the conflict area. The footage from the drones can help the government officials to pinpoint the locations of the insurgent groups, track the insurgent leaders, and shut down their anti-national activities.

Drones with their higher resolution payloads, multiple zoom-in capabilities, and extended endurance offer ground officials a clearer view to distinguish between civilians and combatants as compared to ground crew and manned helicopters. Drones provide tactical support for conventional counter-insurgency strategy and help in preventing civilian casualties.

Why Us?

Our solution has assisted security forces in several counter-insurgency operations as well as controlling hostile demonstrations. The real-time intelligence provided by these drones allows for informed decision-making and has proven to be a life-saving tool during critical situations.